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6:47, really doesn't serveIt makes a clang, doesn't spill the actors guts, and keeps us novices entertained Am I the only one who realised that Israeli woman with glasses is not wearing shoes and she is barefoot??? 🤔🤔 I’m just disgusted this showed up in my recommended and I could’ve lived my whole life peacefully without knowing this :1 I want the laptop please I got no things for chrismast that's all I want I had nothing also I love your vids and I Sud please can you give me the laptop Switch game any I have a switch and Been subbed scince 1m. Extra virgin coconut oil moisturizer Is it just me or is this challenge to easy 👌🏾🤘🏾. Wow okay she’s so sweet and down to earth Methuselah kinda reminds me of the giant torterras from the pikachu movie Tranny meetup I got attacked by a pissed off monkey in Vietnam today!! I was just walking up the road in Vung Tauand this stupid monkey tried to grab my water bottle I slapped the shit out of that monkey!!Yeah I beat a monkeyWhen I realized ithundreds of people were laughing their ass off🤷🏼‍♂️Not going to take my damn water!!. Gallery male nude photograph Rebbecca when u were doing your tik tok the game master was sticking his head out please believe me What the fuck is on the back of his head lol Me suscribíre a este canal pero suscribanse a hola soy germán :D Let's make it the most disliked video!!!!.