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Chalk On Latex Paint super fuck my faceDaaan 50,000likes you need to play pogo stuck Man I've been playing piano for 6 years and u still sound better than me smh If I was this people I would join in with u😂😂😂 What ? In my school we can't even style our hair lol Wooo another mukbang I'm so happy love ur vids biss. WOOOOOOOOOOAAAHHHHHH! LIVIN ON A PRAYER!!!! RAWR! Sadly this story is the fictitious product of romanticism and embellishment (brought largely by the french) and there's not much history that goes with his storyIf like me you became disenchanted by the Arthur legend and want someone more real from history but just as legendaryTry King Alfred the Great as his name implies he's just as legendary than King Arthur but was a real man try Sir William Marshall who's story is more legendary than Sir Lancelot (but few people know about him he inspired Ser Barristan in Game of Thrones)try King Edward 3rd who weaned on the Arthur round table legend and setup his own round table recently found by archaeologists and setup the chivalric order of the knights Garter (still in use today) with famous celebrities and statesmen being memberstry Galgano Guidotti’s real sword in the stone Which you can visit (sadly its in Italy not England) https://allthatsinterestingcom/real-sword-in-the-stonetry Roger Bacon he was regarded as a wizard and particularly famed for the story of his mechanical or necromantic brazen head He was a medieval English philosopher and Franciscan friar who placed considerable emphasis on the study of nature through empiricism And was the first European to record gunpowder as a formula More impressive than Merlin All of these people need a biographics episodeEDIT: @13:57 Oh Great the whole video was an April fools Joke! I wasted all this time writing GRRRRRRR! oh well they're still good people to do a biographics episode on. Once there is another 3rd os it's going to split the market even further Not the real world market, the app market It's going to be annoying as hell Ali is the megamind but Ferran makes it so real I think he is the prank master in rising First off idk why I forgot about April fools so you got me. That cock Thank god Cory made a videoI was sooooooo bored Dark deception please I wanna see the next chapter Men who have vaginas I don't blame him I don't like sandwiches to I just don't like bread with cheese.
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1I can tell it's Jordan Bates my friendTf is that? Where tf are the real snacks at60431
2The lying cop said he dont know who she is, so she should show him her card, and that would be the end of it the crooked cop is wrongly making an assumption that she has drugs in her car, what an insult At least she is doing the right thing by asking for the dumb supervisor who did not bother to talk to her and calm her down*jhin's 3rd**what we expected :* *Trap**what we get :* *slow*844576
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Its nice to care about people you had fun with Its good to care about people you loved that died I don't WANNA SEE YOUR FACE It brings your characters more to life this way!!! One like for gujratii am also gujaratii am proud of gujrati. This is actually an episode of meme review This is actually super interesting and it's crazy how many factors actually affect batteries lol 1:23 Yo swoozie in here I'm just now realizing that even though it's 2019 Sweat lodge sex One like is one less cringe YouTube Rewind. Even though Fousey was going through a lot this year, he was a prime example of MENTAL HEALTH and he should have been recognized Porn tube brazilian two black I love you TheOdd1sOut keep going with your videos=). Has a nose bleed I should put this in a box and sell it go’s to you oh nooooo it was da rabbits wen you barf I saw sonic in da back room dad I killed a rabbit it’s ok I’ll just put it In a box and sell it good logic mate 1 Dont even buy the box someone will track you to kill you just because2 Noone will send you blood because you can dna test it and see who they are Simplicity in its finest Me: See new upload Click it immediately Me: should I listen to it now or noGreat song!. You should do The mystery wheel challenge more often!
IM NOT A PRINCESS Im A QUEEN!❤️❤️ Love your videos Alex! Keep up the Good work BTW Laika (if thats how its spelled) is so Cute!!! ❤️🌹 RIP mr paws🤣👻 (Sorry for my bad english im actually from norway!)🇳🇴🇳🇴. Boob spotter Can u play more roblox and the battle cats and Merry Christmas How magnetic strip readers work Now we all know that all these bts test are fake even suga knows it. Sorry Funneh but Rainbow ALWAYS looks yummy!!😋😋🍗🍖🍝🍛🍤🍕🍔🍟🍱🍣🍜🍲🍥🍙🍘🍚 People think I’m crazy I’m bein followed by the fbi as we speak they follow me in Florida plates but I’m in nys Sex response Kenzi the pink and blonde fuck "When you see the dark meat on a light skin bitch you in there" 😂. Although the og vids were good, we need to move on and use the dope or nope setup
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