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The point he’s making is a paradox becoz yes it is bad to be morbidly obese but there’s plenty of people who have a good level of fitness and very poor health and there is also people who would be classed as obese that are very healthy. I love to win that iPhone XS MAX because I do not have a phone Tara reids lesbian experiment Omg!!Hey i love your vids!! I think u r amazing!!!!😄😄. At the 28:13 minute mark you can hear a kid screaming!!!!!!! My heart man! It sinks for our black children My black brothers and sisters! This country has taken SO much from us We are still not free 😔💔 I would never consider having Alexa or any other virtual assistant in my home I also do not use siri As soon as the notification popped up I was like "OMG YEASSSS!!!!!!!". When I was little we never spayed or neutered our cats I ended up having over 20 they “ran away” later my mom told be my dog killed them(I don’t live in town thank god) I already lost 2 cats one we lost and the other died :( 9:59 is me when I see my brother play fortnite and his ass at it This channel is awesome , I don't delive that I have find this late. I thought this was fake Noooooo Y’all were so cute And y’all were engaged I haven’t watched the whole vid yet but I hope this wasn’t over a short argument or something Y’all were together for so long It is sad that y’all r separating Maybe you will get back together after a bit If u think that y’all r meant to be Sorry if it doesn’t work out tho This is true I play ranked and I always ban jackal because he’s a pain in the ass Nakakatuwang panoorin si kuya diciple pa shout po kuya mga ka daks Ty po Looks like i need to buy a burger at wendy's the baconator yup, that wendy's burger has my name on itps wendy's icon is a little girl child, it would've been more awkward if they promoted killing children
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I love her Kiwi vitamins Like she said beauty starts on the inside Don't watch it if you don't care!!! I love her The thing is that when past Vikk said "oh my god its Ali-A" I had an Ali -A ear rape intro and played it at the right time LMAO #BringbackAliA. Where the person was murdered on the map On the alien underwater one it can’t be the one NOT BREATHING It's not a number to the lock box it's a date Statistics on teens hobbies. Raven riley pool fuck You know BILLIE I FVCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH 2:08When you look in the mirror at your self Naka sama din nga ung sobrang naadik siya sa karo kaya napabayaan na ang sarili, baka may lahi sila ng cancer tapos napabayaan pa ang sarili kaya lumalakawawa naman Hahaha Thank pewdiepie, he reviewed the drama i checked you out and your funny as fuck bro!.
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