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My heart goes out for hershe may think that if she was "normal" or like everyone else, that she still would love kelly But in reality, if she didnt have so many horrible ppl that caused so much drama in her life, I dont believe she would still feel the same If she just had someone who loved and cared for her It sad to see that she feels the need to only be attached to inanimate objects Because it's a guarentee that they wont hurt her, leave her, just love her by what her mind tells her And its possible that she keeps being drawn toward Kelly, out of all of them, because it was her father that adopted her that gave her that And I'm sure he was the closest person to her, that made her feel love And since hes now passed, there is a tie that bonds him to Kelly I hope she meets someone who will love her and never leave or hurt her I have a good video idea for TABS, why don't you use first person to go in the secret door in that one map. Girl pees pants for rad girls Hes so humble he left the mvp trophy on the table 不 #gottalovethisguy Lowry was ballin this game Congrats Raptors!!! Remember when everyone thought at the beginning of the year that the Warriors were going to run away with it after they got Cousins?! 不不不不Enter Kawhi Leonard Congratulations Sister James I can't wait to order this and use it. Ive never been so happy for someone!!! Oh my goodness James congratulations! You deserve this sister! We love and appreciate all the work you have always put in to build yourself an empire! Now work this collection and sit back relax with your pink drink and watch the makeup game transform thanks to you! I never buy collections but Ill be sure to go to the morphe store before it opens on Nov 13 so I can get my hands on this! Keep being amazing! Love you the most sister! Ive watched this video 3 times already As an American adult who grew up loving Hersheys and now loves many different varieties, I can attest that Hersheys is absolute trash Dairy milk is smooth and creamy, while Hersheys is a little grainy and very artificial-tasting 1:24 to see dax wit his shirt off Thank me later. Soooooo?Did any1 see where he throw or hide gun Nothing like a man pointing a revolver at a kidAlso why is this so fake, like holy crap this is bad Am I the only one that hears Lauren in the background vocals at 1:30 ?? this a bop !. I feel so bad that you mom died but its so amazing that you mom could go down and tell you that she loves you and she will always be there for you Omg I got monkey and taxis But I said blue hammer "It's a self-help book from four people that can't help themselves" Lets make a story in the comments! I'll start! Once. I'll watch it cause my girl Megan Foxx LAWD HAVE MERCY SHE IS SO SEXY Comedy Gold, still funny and always will be! Aaaaaaa my type of country women need to learn their place ! Angie dickinson rachael cane. Tara reids lesbian experiment
I was hoping she was going to see the *stooop I couldve dropped my croissant* Yeah yeah yeah I need more songs like this 13 minutes of someone complaining about receiving a great opportunity thousands of people dream about If you don't think you can handle the pressure, then harvard isn't the place for you Go to a community college and enjoy your life. Im in love with your site! When i saw delivery to Russia and prices in rubles i instsntly felt took care of 歹 #earlysquadAhh punta ako diyan!hahaTaga pampanfa ako Thought this was a dead channel! Am very glad you guys are still alive and kicking!! Memeulous: nothing Memeulous: literally nothing James: can you do that?. We are very excited for your another song In lady mature personal service yorkshire Someone farted and it launched em 3 feet in the air lmao!!!!! Is Ned stoned or drunk again? Seems to be the trend these days Even her wife drinks with baby in the houseTry guys these days seem so boring, this video too seemed so forced You keep on milking the same dumb jokes, obviously got no better ideas It's incredible that four guys and some team are actually working on these videos, and yet you post 1 video per week and the quality is shit Daniel radcliffe naked scene description. I think youre supposed to use the other, unmelted side of the beads This song take my breath away It is like he sings my thoughts My father died when i was 9 years old Nobody:Not A Single Soul:YouTube: *wOrLD'$ LiGHTest sOLiD!* Walaalkey ck hore usoco aawey teem falaq falaq igu qabta like only 700 I was just prepared after oh my sprinkles to hear IM TAKING THOSE WITH ME!!!. Toyota: how many cylinders do you want in your Prius?Prius Lady: yes Vaginal trainers I live in Idaho Falls Idaho the United States of America hi Message clit. Az shemale escorts Devan needs to start a pancake art buisness where people can order a pancake in any shape they want and he will make MILLIONS.
His girlfriends friends:hey what does your bf do for workHis girlfriend: he yells about diarrhea;-; She just talks over people and makes herself look dumb Wow their solo songs are catchy n the stage is unique damn bts is really cool live Naked dare game. Chica rusa xxx Trash ass mumble rap haha, game looks amazing though!!!. Your crazy and dumb WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING IF YOU WANTED THIS!!! Alex Clark's training has begun u must prepare for him (even though ur gonna win). When he said Georgie died I started balling my eyes out!唐唐凌歹 Awwwwww Rest In Peace Georgie youll be missed I subscribed SO FAST, you're so funny, i love you Wish you would have talked about the wendigo its a classic monster that lives in the US and my favorite. Alot of people seem to cry when they're on anesthesia Tin toys vintage The first 59 seconds are great, I hate the rest tbh don't @ me 2:57 the legit only reason why I like Sicko Mode Body painted girls nude pics. To a lot of the commenters below, THIS IS NOT PROOF BUT A REMINDER OF WHAT MICHAEL WAS TO MUSIC NO ONE NEEDS PROOF ABOUT MJ Apple should hire Roni and Nessa to do their ads Were do you live in the nederlands? i live ther to. This precious dog needs Therypy and a Dog Whisiper I can just imagine waking up and my gma slaps me asking why I told her about all the different girls I slept with I'm an elementary teacher and all i hear all day long is game master this and game master that i tried telling them it's all fake, but they don't buy it lol Wonder why they took this off of google music Was a good track
Any one else think the choreography is pretty bad? Also Irelia's face looks pretty weird. Where is darius and wtf 1vs5 sion feed or bad team 4 afk I learned more about eyes here than at schoolAlso, my eyes are a very dark brown, its to the point that I can no longer consider it brown, so I just say "black" Erotic liquor bottle designs Id be scared if someone had a high heel and was mad I woulda be gone I dont want my eyes stabbed out The first order wants to*KNOW YOUR LOCATION*. Female surfers nude My friend isnt allergic to the cold but she gets cold much easier like she wears a coat when its kinda warm (I live in Britain) Ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha It was proget zorgo he,s a poop emoge aney way Western conservative brains are better than Western liberal brainsEastern liberal brains are better than Eastern conservative brains. This secret is interesting Edit: I think this is an April Fools Day thing CORY YOU BETTER NOT BE LYING Another Edit: Im depressed now How dare you Your Qrow impression was actually really good 2: 33 dont know who did it but have a very hairy chrismas Hey random person scrolling down the comments Happy New Year, and all the best in 2019 :) Pesavey udampla thembu erukathuhow she is scolding like this . Im so happy you know Joana Ceddia!!BtwI LOVE YOU SO MUCH Pre spanking teen He gone keep dropping hits, so imma keep bumping his shitz荊荊荊遲 If me and kira were alone in the tub at night i wouldYou know what i mean. I would LOVE to win this giveaway I was going to buy the palette but when I got to the store they were sold out!! You are so freaking funny and I love how confident you are! It literally radiates through my phone screen Thank you sister James for being our sister Santa this month! xoxo Yes best collab ever! The only gurus I watch James!! Your absolutely the best sister of all! I truly love you, have a wonderful Christmas also for all the other sisters 歹歹歹歹.
Snatch my roots kween but not compeletly i am really broke to buy a wig I went crying no joke I really went crying WAIT WAIT HOLD ON!!! At 1:38 that flash of a person is every character that Gabbie has been in every song so far; so in saying that, theyre in an AA meeting, but with drugs to make the pain go away But is it the same pain being felt by all the characters? Or is the flash a person shes representing? ME NO UNDERSTANDO GABBIE???!?!#medicateAlso, WHY ITSNT SHANE SHOOK YET?!?! Who else wants to know the total cost of all the rage monsters Just give her more McDonalds let the diabetes do the rest 儭If she feels like an adult let her get a job pay bills and fend for herself. You're a really well spoken, knowledgeable man and I hope you keep making content like this, and keep learning about reptilesYou've obviously got passion for this subject and I think that's something that deserves to be nurtured Keep at it ! 1 was green weeds2 was flex seal clear tape3 was pink and orange. 24:57 im posting this just for replays xd When they talked about mental health, i thought about those videos like "We need to talk" that in the end they talk about nothing My video buffered at 4:32 thanks bad internet for saving my life! It should have started with Ugandan Knuckles asking "Do you know de wei?" and the have Pewdiepie walk up behind it with a gun and blow it's fucking brains out Pewdiepie then claps and goes "Year Review". That dude on the right looks like Shaq with no beard Do another video like this but all wear your most expensive clothes and you have to like do everything the same while still keeping your clothes safe I 歹marshmello also include 蛤搆uerto Rico. The youtubers i know in this rewind:Marques BrownleeLiza KoshiCasey NeistatWengieTheOdd1sOutNinjaBongo CatMarshmelloCollins KeyCasparMarkiplierHow RidiculousLele PonsPing Fong(Baby shark)Will SmithLaurDIYItsFunneh Some one mention pewdiepie to see what will happen if rewind don't have him (the most disliked video in history of youtube). This just shows youtube doesnt know what theyre doing , yea theyre right about content creators bringing joy to others but therye constantly hurting them by demonitizing them over stupid things , someone curses who cares every single grown person does it including the ones working there , just ease up on the reins and only punish /demonitze people who go way over board like logan did, guys like mini ladd, vanoss, basicallyidowrk, markiplier , vanoss, jacksepticeye and many others done nothing wrong do deserve being demontised all theyve done is bring me joy 丑 hello calus I am the clown from the motel I will come to your house tomorrow night and will you From: Clown 丑. If she thinks shes a baby why does she have a tattoo then? I wanna bang Rebecca the hot vocal coachlike a lot . Adult beverage recipes
Honestly I really liked this channel But straight up STEALING Coffee Breaks video is awful A little piece of me is dying having to unsub from you guys Nightime fucks. This was really hard to get through I started crying because you two where my favorite couple in YouTube Ive watch yall grow together hope yall r still friends lance Joe, so glad to see you're kind of getting back to normal You're a good guy and God will look out for you and your beautiful wife You're going to be awesome parents one day Much love from Michigan . He is not stayingbut as a raptors fan we will forever be grateful He didnt ask to be traded here, suffered injury and yet gave his absolute best and won us a ring Greatest raptor of all time I hate to say this but she seems like the Tana of the Beauty world Nothing is her fault, and shes always hyping anything to do with HERSELF up in a sales pitch 甥hase I dont want to throw shade because she maybe a great person in real life but something about her public persona gives me all the fake vibes But thats just my biased opinion!!! @joviesmom Andy warhol nude model top free dating site in the world Bailey lane first anal. Wow um only seeing this now on Suga day It's amazing, love the song it's catchy ND they r amazing Wow the rap line ND vocalists 塔 Vai comer cenoura para abrir esses olhos de viadinhos #2 on Trending in Canada~~ I'm so proud of these boys and this debut is amazing!~ What truly mystifies me is that ao oni lives on in 2019facade/ib doom mods next. May tatama?? oh baka may tama ka sa ulokasama ka siguro ni BIKOY:
0塈奡塈堙 塈 堞椈 琠 塈堻椐堭 堥堛 堥堛 塈睅 痧堛 睆 睆 堹堻堛塈 堻 堛堥堭堬 媢塈 媢 痧堭睅 椈 堹堻堛塈You idiots seriously think YouTube recommended this to all of us at the same time? You're wrong the comments are automatically set to newest comments
1Txt stallion cum virgin pussyI know logan paul fanbase is really young but how stupid does he think they are? like he was being the biggest piece of shit online less than a year ago and now wants to play the fake ass nice guy? doesn't he have a manager? who tells him how fake a dumb he looks pretending that somebody hating on minions needs to be cancelled? he sounds like girl define looking for problems where there are none for clout
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3Bts llegaron para ayudar a muchas personas son inspiraci籀n la motivaci籀n para tanta gente sin duda son un grupo diferente son leyendasAap dono shaadi kr lo past ko bhul kr ek dusre ke
4If not can I have the phone I subbed to youThat's not even a cop, It's just terry cruse on a doughnut run
5You showed up in Gucci what did you expect from the residenceThe nearest screws that I can find are in the device I'm using to watch this videomy phone
6Virgin record storeYah Allah Reham fermayay Pakistan per and muslim Umma per Ameen suma Ameen
7Man I know what u are at saying are truth but u are now only focusing on the negative side I know China is shitty in some ways But u are less valid than u used to be now I loved u so much coz u were showing both sides of China and helped western people know more about what it looks like But now ur channel changed a lot Ur experience is more connected to living in small cities, I dont think u will experience this things in Shenzhen or shanghai Man, u changed so muchSomeone should gather up a bunch of youtubers and make their own thing like YouTube rewind
8Tranny bukake xxxLets make this rewind the most liked video on YouTube guys itll just destroy YouTube lets get past 112 mil likes ppl we can do it
9Where's xxxtentacion the rest of this video is greatIt's the view count is bugged It's been 450,000 the whole time and the like counter has grown slowly over an hour from 900,000 to 11m
10The people that disliked the video liked YouTube rewind 2018