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I have a major problem with this it's too short It was alright He seemed too emotional than normal The emperors robe could’ve been better, looked like a burlap sac Space flight moved to fast as well as coming out of light speed Need to be a sec slower to give that weighty effect and his saber at the end turned on too fast Most logical thing to do when breaking into houses:*MaKe As MuCh nOiSe As PoSiBlE* Elephantlist hardcore Tits spilling out galleries. He could have just said all Americans because as a New Yorker I wasn’t respresented 8 pairs of trainers Twitter - @Fandy_2005. 9 pairs, my Twitter-Alex83173191, I hope I get this coz I only got twister for this Older sibling vs younger sibling favoritism thing We grew up on a working dairy farm Starting from a young age, if there were extra chores to do, I had to do them My younger sister got to stay in the house with grandma and learn how to cook and bake This continues on through the years I asked to play sports in high school and was not allowed to participate due to there were farm chores to be done Sister is allowed to play basketball for 3 years High school graduation comes along We have a little family party and I get gifted a popcorn popper “for college” When she graduates from high school 4 years latera 1969 corvette I paid for all of my college in state tuition with grants and scholarships and student loans,with exception of $1500 that I had to beg my parents forI was majoring in respiratory therapy I drove a $500 car that was 15 years old and really shouldn’t have been driving She goes to an out of state private school for a major in zoology, She got to drive a vehicle my parents paid for insured and was only a couple years old they pay for her tuition the vehicle spending money the whole nine yards I busted my ass going to school full time as a commuter student My drive was 15 hours in one direction to get to school 5 days a week I had a husband and a 3yo daughter at the time My sister stayed right on campus No expenses since my parents paid for everything for her I graduated as valedictorian She was on academic probation My father didn’t attend the party that my respiratory therapy school threw for us, he didn’t see me get my awards It was too far to drive But he certainly made it to her graduation that was farther away from home Guess which one of us has the good paying job and doesn’t have a lot of financial worries Guess which one isn’t working in her chosen field of study I could go on So yeahI’m still salty about a lot of my life of being the oldest child Salty is pretty mild for what I feel actually I only have 1 child I never wanted to put my oldest child, even if unintentionally, through the same things I went through growing up Weird to hear her say bitch, it's like hearing a kid swear for the first time Omg that sounds like so much fun I want to go. I like the Japanese Version it's better The people who got mad at you for leaving because you didn't want to get captured by a SATANIC CULT and DIE are sick You got the last one wrong on the first game At the end when he says monika its sounds like my nikas.
Daz: Did you hear that? Me: You are acting like I can fucking respond to you but no I didn't hear that I cry when you cry ❤️ so happy for us since were obvi in this together ❤️❤️ You can tell that she's pregnant because he's crying so much Fabulous interview - what a massive contrast to Democrat hysteria!. He looks like the dragon from how to train ur dragon Sweaty hairy men If it's flat, go to the edge, launch a drone and post the film on YouTube, hah?. Little disappointed they got kebabs patties and proceeded to take some of the toppings off actually Is it really still a Krabby patty after that? Still looked good as fuck though I feel like the only person who has never had dumplings 😔. Cumshots on comcast adult Hi Alex your the best YoutuberEait and I have a fake friend his name is kalbe I do not know how to spell it. Jesse jane titty fuck Right when James's palette is coming out, sad you couldn't include it 😂 Breast soreness and no lumps. Can you make Jason the talking egg,I love those videos And mini iPad please I have been watching since I was born. Adult sex ed video Si Pricetagg parang Shanti Dope na tumanda na agresibo. Breast man looking for Awww my sister has two and they’re amazing *I think it is very cool*Is it in the play store ? This is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing! But Captain Marvel???. Lol yeah! What a music at 1:58 min It truly sucks I can't stop laughing#Totally_worthless_music!!!! Cant wait for the next aerogel videos! Keep up! Janderson cooper The warriors are a basketball team in America who played the Toronto Raptors (a basketball team)there not actually dinosaurs idk why people are interested in this Oh my the sound of kalimba is soooooo calming love it
I know about this from that famous avgn video but i will watch yours attemp too :D. I tell you I will go to jail after bulleting her straight through her brains Free videos of naked girl OMG WHEN U SCREAMED FIRST, UR FACE! UR FACE LOOKED SO FUNNY! YOU MADE ME LAUGH AGAIN! Please do more ur reactions are hilarious You immediately see why this boy winsm look at the mussle concentration This body builder has all mussle except on one place The boy has no mussle except on one spot And that is to push sideways You don't train those type of mussles with body building It looks silly though lol. If that is his daily dietry, then there is hope Petersen will be dead in 5 years time And there will be nobody else to blame Sweet They seem magnetized by KloppI don't know what he is doing with these kids but they really love him 11:06 “this made my stomach turn from this emoji 🍆 to this emoji 💩” Cyrus your girlfriends are for our sweet and pretty and hot What a pussy at 4:23 he had to put JAH getting crushed after his passing so he won't get killed by him. I still dont understand why Monecraft wont work on my pc, enough ram, 970, 64bit but dtill it wont work and the far sight is blurry - Gay jake long cartoons Bbw faces. This man linked with Sir Adams Imma say this like Eddie Murphy did in coming to America, “That boy is good!” 👏🏾😄😂 “Bouncy balls”“Ok u were talking about those balls”“What balls did you think I was talking about”“Nothing”“Hairy balls”. Chubby small tits boobs gallery galleries I have spider in my house BUT I LOVE THEM! Just because an operator has high ban rate or pick rate, doesn’t mean they need a nerf I think he’s banned so much because of his utility Gay cruising areas houston tx Jeffree: “I love candy, I love sucking on things” 👀. So much race baiting going on in the comments And Riven's head shot is with the letter H? I'm just 2 minutes in and I already died The cringe is too strong Bdsm com training
0Every human born from 1900-1999 is an adult nowLmao I swear I heard "Famous anus" the first time Had to rewind it a bit lolI think that house was chads and vys old house
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2Typical Politician all lies to get the job and then DON'T deliver SHAME ON HIM one word to him GONO ONE TALK ABOUT HOSEOK OPEN HIS CAP IN THE END? I'LL SUE HIM Y'ALL563
3I waited my whole life for this momentAfter listening to your narrations for the first time, I got really interested in these kind of channels and, as soon as I ran out of videos from your channel, I went trough a lot of them, but none of them got me as invested as you in the stories, I really love your narrations, I'm so glad that you are back I had already stepped out of the youtube world of creepypastas and stories because I didn't want "any" youtube channel, I wanted yours to entertain me during restless nightsI AM SO GLAAAAAAAAD ASDKSAÑLKDLSADHi chad wild clay vy qwaint and Daniel I love you gus so much stay safe love u merry Christmas to you and your family merry Christmas once again love u post video like every day because I'm always impatient to watch your videos and other ones bye779
4Just sayin, i would never let my kids watch his channelNaked picture of traci bingham303
5When marshmello lovers meet srk and india loversIs that a paper clip in his ear? I love it😂♥️130
James I love you so so much! Honestly i have never done make-up but watching your videos makes me sooo happy! Thanks for being here so long (sorry if i made any mistakes, im from Lithuania). Vintage battery for telephones ver blind dating online I literally put the palette in my basket, Checked my bank account that I could afford it, then clicked Continue to checkout, for it to then say this item is out of stock!! Took me a couple of mins to check my bank account and it went out of stock so not fair!. I’m asking my parents for Ariana grande concert tickets because Thank u, next is literally soooo gooood So the Chinese have ruined the grill technically Ski mask set him up !!!! Or whoever that was that bailed on him!!!!!!!! Id die next to my right hand man !!!!!!! If i bail on him thats considered a fukboy! !!!!!. Dana delou erotica I have a tattoo of my dog that we had to put down last Easter She ment the world to me One week later my fiancé and I got pregnant after over 2 years of trying I got chills from this song!! gabbie u did so good!! the vibes from this song were so strong!!! Новый танец который будет звучать в Kwai,TikToc,Mysecle Song Credits:Song: Lahore - Guru RandhawaSinger: Guru RandhawaLyrics: Guru RandhawaMusic: Guru RandhawaLahore Lyrics – Guru RandhawaO lagdi Lahore di aaJis hisab naal hasdi aaO lagdi Punjab di aaJis hisab naal takdi aaO lagdi Lahore di aaJis hisaab nal hasdi aaKudi da pata karoKehde pind di aaKehde shehar di aaLagdi Lahore di aaJis hisaab naa hasdi aaO lagdi Punjab di aaJis hisaab naa takdi aaDelhi da nakhra aaStyle ohda wakhra aaBombay di garmi waangNature ohda athra aaLondon taun aayi lagdi aaJis hisaab nal chaldi aa (x2)Kudi da pata karoKehde pind di aaKehde shehar di aa(O lagdi Punjab di aaO lagdi Lahore di aa)Chain mera le gayi aaDil vich beh gayi aaBuliyan te chhup ohdiSab kuch keh gayi aa (x2)Akhiyan nal goli maardi aaAndro pyar vi kardi aa (x2)Kudi da pata karoKehde pind di aa?Kehde shehar di aaO lagdi Punjab di aaO lagdi Lahore di aa(O lagdi Lahore di aaO lagdi Punjab)Lagdi Lahore di aaJis hisab nal hasdi aaO lagdi Punjab di aaJis hisab nal takdi aaO lagdi Lahore di aaJis hisab naal hasdi aaKudi da pata karoKede pind di aaKede shehar di aaLagdi Lahore di aO lagdi Punjab di aSo Sub To T-Series. With architectures so close to ps5, hopefully an emulator can be released within 5 years Would love to play exclusives on PC Anyone here after watching PewDiePie's rewind??😅😅 Is this the cringiest content on this site?. How could I tell about Justin that he is not funny? Probably you just had a rough day or something that you was not joke god for 5 min Sorry Mr Roiland God bless you Thank you that I can be witness of Jeho ou Witness of Justin Your work is mind blowing It’s “A-lad-in” NOT AL-A-DIN Pewds please you’re killing me. 40:15 light in background on top lefthand side
Did this dude just roast my guy Logan Paul Peeing asains Bedava internet porno tv Handjob humiliation free video. I watched something like this at school when I was 10, they made us smell the filter, Ewwwwwwa, and showed us pictures of lung cancer, I have never smoked in my life, this should be done in schools, very effective deterrent Well done Voyeur sex web cams Next video going to fast McDonald’s and watching people eat I’ll watch this video after i watch the show- i dont want no spoilers! Reporter: modiji my son says rahul is not pappu Modiji: aap pubg vale hai kya ?😂(If you know what i meant). Im sorry dude, but you look like a 60 year old substitute teacher Welllet's patch it up with the new flex tape clear My zodiac sign is AriesEdit: My mom’s zodiac sign is Taurus 5:48 T H E A B S O L U T E F U R R Y M A N. We Pakistani love indian people but we hate ours and yours politicians Love from Pakistan #bringbacknationaldex#bringbackmegaevoulutionsI want to buy theese games! This disappointing choises can't ruin everything! 0:58 its all english songs I can't sing any of theseaw suga😂😁 California teen behind the wheel training. Title-beautiful women in the united states 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Pissing pov. Young adult novels set in cuba Congrats on the 200k subscribers and thanks for the competition and congrats in advance to lucky winner My friend was born the day Minecraft came out Kya mujhe aap apne group mein join Karenge please. Please do a video on varli on tik tok (Varlicious) Name is Ryan i now how to hack people account and a tiny spy ninja love you game master The TV is flip flopping from blank to turned on! I always want to have lots of piercings!! Thanks bro!. 1)the sad cat🙀😿2)the dog burger3) the foot4)the bear with cat ears and a unicorn horn5)the nearly dead cakeThats all i want to see Small boobs skinny
U have the DOPEST POPS frfr IM JEALOUS in a good way I dont know if you noticed but when you were doing your tiktok the game master went up on your ladder and he poked his head threw the thing on top of your garage. You pieces shit puple guy you are stranger danger Yo A beautiful rewind after 3 years of shitty ones Hell ya