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0Does anybody want to trade? I am looking for1 Parasol (I really want this)2Light halo3 Dark halo4 Thigh high5Bat mo heelsIf u have any of these items comment and I will repond! I am really looking for the parasol!How are the layoffs going Vox? :))) How much more are you gonna make right wing people seem like some evil Nazis? When will you learn that it does you and the world harm?Who disliked the vdo, they r "Poopin thepie" fans69 twinks
1I would put my cat in there if it was better madeGo game master network Hadassah goooooooo68584
2Kristi you have literally become my FYOAT (Favorite Youtuber of All Time) It's pronounced fiat but you are even better You are such a beautiful person inside and out We all love you lol ♡♡Number 43 was the first squishy makeover I watched you do552983
3Iphone dude has taught us you don’t have to be number 1 to win 😌Love how the video shows two different sides of insta glam James with neutral makeup and Liza with colourful everything love itt88361
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6Does anybody know the background music for the first minute?This must be the number one liked video while YouTube's trash excuse for a rewind stays at number one disliked Who's with me?556607